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At Paplebag we care about the earth and the environment. This is why we use a sustainable natural material for our fashionable bags. All the Paplebags in our online vegan boutique are made of washable paper. This unique natural material is plant-based and 100% vegan. The name Paplebag is derived from “Paper” and “Leather”. Our name describes our product perfectly. Bags of washable paper with a beautiful leather look. Enjoy your Paplebag. It’s made with love!

The story of Paplebag – The start of an online vegan boutique

The story of Paplebag started in 2010 when Thuy returned to her birth country Vietnam for her job at the time. Here she discovered many unethical stories of young talented craftswomen from the villages. These women have a great passion and talent for craftwork. Unfortunately there are hardly opportunities to use these skills to make a living in Vietnam. These women move to the city to find work but they are often forced to work in the sex industry secretly. Thuy was touched by these sad stories and she started to think of a way to contribute to better opportunities for these women.

In August 2013, she made a decisive move and started her own company. She realized her idea of a truly sustainable label and started with the kids label “Colibries”. The products of Colibries are made by the talented Vietnamese women.

While working on Colibries she discovered that there was a demand for light-weight bags. This is why she introduced a collection of bags under the brand name “Paplebag” in 2016. Nowadays you find a lot of different bags in our vegan boutique.

Our philosopy

We enjoy life, love the world we live in and want to ensure that other people and next generations have the quality of life that they deserve.

The three cornerstones that guide our business


We want to create opportunities for the passionated and talented craft workers. And we do this not only in Vietnam. Where talents meet, beautiful products arise!

The environment

At Paplebag we constantly research materials. It is important to us that the materials we use are produced ecologically and ethically. The production of bags will always have an impact on the environment. Our goal is to minimize that impact by carefully choosing materials we use. We are not radical in our choices but have a pragmatic approach. With every decision we make we think about the environment.

A beautiful product

We also want our bags to be loved by you. Which is why we always look for beautiful design. We design user-friendly bags with a stylish look. Our bags are light, they last a long time and they are watertight. We want to create fashionable bags that are vegan and environment-friendly. There are Paplebags for different occasions and in different styles and colours.