Looks like leather, made of paper!

Our bags are made of washable paper with a beautiful leather look. They are lightweight but strong.
Vegan bags made of natural materials.

We are the proud winner of the PETA Vegan Fashion Award 2017 in the category “Vegan Newcomer”

Why washable paper?

We care about the animals and the environment. This is why we use washable paper for our vegan bags. Washable paper is made of sustainable cellulose fibres that are mixed with natural latex. No harmful substances are used during the production process and it is accredited by Oeko-Tex. This results in a strong and truly eco-friendly vegan material that lasts.

Multiple unique characteristics

It is the low weight, that makes the bag a pleasure to carry. At the same time, it does not lose any strength. The opposite is the case! This faux leather paper material is strong and durable. It will last for a long time – so make it your best friend. Washable paper is waterrepellent: water will drip off on the outside of your bag. This is why you can also use your Paplebag on a rainy day.

And let’s not forget the look

We all care about our style. Washable paper has a beautiful leather look. What applies to leather appearance, applies to washable paper as well: the older it gets, the more beautiful it becomes. So use your Paplebag as often as possible.

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The Paplebags are perfectly suitable for vegans. The bags are animal-friendly and made of 100% natural and plant-based materials.

Washable paper is a perfect vegan replacement for leather. It has the same look and advantages. The upsides of washable paper are the lighter weight compared to leather and it’s water repellency!

Are you looking for stylish vegan bags? You have found them. Paplebags are beautiful sustainable bags that last.


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      Paplebag is carried by retailers who share our passion for premium accessoiries and bags made from washable paper. If you would like to start carrying Paplebag, please email to info@paplebag.com or register here.


      Many businesses, event planners and non-profits use Paplebag bags & bins for gifts because of their timeless design and unique material. If you feel your company is a good fit with Paplebag or you want to know more about private label possibilities, please email to info@paplebag.com

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